Why is EthereumCum the future of adult entertainment?

While cryptocurrency has taken roots in every aspect of our lives, from banking to gaming, its potential is still far from reaching saturation. Every day new use cases are popping up everywhere, and the crypto community cannot be more excited about it. To add to the excitement, cryptocurrency has integrated itself with one of the biggest industries in the world, Adult Entertainment.

Let us be the first to tell you about this promising new venture we have brought forward to the crypto community. EthereumCum is the fastest-growing crypto platform in the adult entertainment industry. We built this platform with a vision to bridge the ever-growing gap between the emergence of adult entertainment community tokens and the traditional cryptos.

For that purpose, we designed an ERC-20 token eCum that has a total supply of 200 Billion. This token has several layers to its functionalities and provides automatic 2% transaction fees back into its liquidity pools. eCum token will also act as a pathway for practical long-term use in the adult entertainment industry for its holders.

EthereumCum, a disruptive Adult Entertainment platform

While adult entertainment acts as the core principle for EthereumCum, we embody the ideology of cryptocurrencies and decentralized finance and have incorporated it with our platform.


EthereumCum is a self-sufficient and autonomous adult DeFi community that provides eCum token holders control over their digital assets, eliminating the middlemen.


EthereumCum does not compromise on security and uses Ethereum Network to alleviate any risk for our investors.


EthereumCum has something for everyone, such as community perks, smart contracts, holder rewards, investments, and more. eCum is quickly becoming the leader of the adult entertainment crypto ecosystem.

Liquidity Provider Fees

EthereumCum charges a 2% fee for swapping tokens which is split by liquidity providers directly proportional to their contribution to liquidity reserves.


Staying true to our values, we offer exclusive VIP experiences and privileges in the entertainment brands, events, releases, and much more.

What do we offer?

EthereumCum has a lot to offer, and we are just starting. For starters, EthereumCum has submitted the token application for Etherscan, which is planned to go live soon. We also plan to link our social channels to DexTools, giving us the ability to get eCum listed on CMC and CoinGecko.

Apart from that, we are also revamping our token design to fit the latest trends and offer the best service possible. The next step for the company will be to launch eCumNFT, an NFT( Naughty Fuckable Token) marketplace.

According to Ethereum Cum,” We are currently beginning to build the platform for eCumNFT, our NFT (Naughty Fuckable Token) Marketplace where content creators (Models and Adult Film Stars) will be able to create and deploy large batches of NFTs to their fans which will then be available as Pay Per View (PPV) exclusive content to the platform’s users.

Users will be able to pay $eCum to view their favorite model’s NFT if they don’t own it but might want to see or watch it. Owner’s of NFTs that are then paid and viewed can earn % of the payment for the view (Monetization of NFTs).”

We also plan to launch a subscription-based platform for our community called eCum TV after the launch of the CumBase, a fanbase platform for models and adult film creators.

So it’s safe to say we have many exciting things planned for our community in the future. Stay tuned for more updates, and we guarantee that you will have a great time.

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Disrupting Adult Entertainment via the Blockchain